Megabox Coex Movie Ticket

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    Gangnam Coex PASS

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    2019.08.01(목) ~ 2020.12.31(목)

Life Theater, MegaBox! - one movie ticket

* Discount&Benefits/折扣及优惠 :

one Movie Ticket with Coex Pass

Popcorn, Snack. Combo 2,000 KRW Discount

* Movie tickets are only available in general theaters and in 2D movies. Special theaters and 3D/4D are not available. 

* Subtitles are not available generally for Korean Movies. Refund for this case will not be permitted.

* You may choose to watch the movie or not. However, change of mind will not be available. (e.g If purchased the pass for 3 people and only 2 people wants to watch the movie, the other 1 person may not change their mind later and watch)


* Website/网站 :


* Hours of Operation/营业时间 : 07:30~26:00. Open Year-Round/全年无休


* Tel : +82-1544-0070


* Location/位置 : MegaboxJoongAng Inc. B1F, COEXMall, 524, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnamgu, Seoul, 06164, Republic of Korea

MegaboxJoongAng Inc. B1FCOEXモール524江南江南区ソウル06164韓国


* Overview/细节内容

MEGABOX is a life theater where people can have a wide variety of experiences, discover an enriched lifestyle, enjoy life's leisures and inspire positive thinking.


建议您开阔眼界 丰富生活方式 让您人生比电影更加精彩