Starfield Coexmall

A variety of F&B, shopping discounts and special gifts with Starfield Library, the Coex landmark


The charm of the city that leads trends and cultural movements.

Starfield Coexmall tells a new life in the center of Seoul.

From contemporary fashion, gourmet, culture and entertainment

Everything of city life with urban sensibility.

There is a happiness you want to enjoy.

01 | Healing Shopping Mall with a Library, Starfield Library  

Located in the heart of Starfield Coexmall, the ‘Starfield Library’ is an open cultural space where people can come together with relaxation and communicate with books.

In addition to thinking through reading, lectures and performances of art-related fields are provided to share communication about the true happiness of life.

Experience the intellectual amusement and romantic relaxation of the library.

02 | From fashion to beauty and life, The meeting place of trends

Shop with over 320 brands while enjoying the benefit of the Starfield. From SPA big brands such as, Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, Oysho to Street Fashion and Cult Brand of Hip-Hop sensibility, Beauty Brands to capture the hearts of the beatyholics and Life Style… 

You can read the trend just by browsing through the various shops.

03 | The best of Shopping Over 100 restaurants and cafes  

It is a paradise of endless flavors. In addition to American-style Asian bistros such as 'P.F.Chang' and Bomb Pizza, along with ‘The Place’ and ‘CJ Food World’, which has been featured on restaurant introduction program, we have gathered more than 100 restaurants and cafes including 'Terra Rosa' that led coffee culture and 'Starbucks Reserve'.

04 | Entertainment, Gallery, Hotel +α in one Complex Cultural Space

Theaters and bookstores are the base of shopping malls, along with the essential courses of mom and dad with young children, the aquarium and brick live, there is the heart of Kpop, SM Town’s ‘SM Artium’ as well as gallery and hotel to combine entertainment, culture and variety facilities to provide one of a kind experience of Starfield Coexmall.

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